The 2 Week Diet ( Sample Book) is the diet program for safe, rapid weight loss

[Music] hello if you’ve ever tried to lose weight I have some information that’s probably going to upset you it might even make you a for years you’ve been told that you can only lose no more than 1 to 2 pounds unfortunately that’s a lot and it has stopped you from burning fat at an incredible speed in the easiest way possible this video contains the same scientifically proven methods used by champion bodybuilders celebrities and fitness gurus it combines little-known techniques that motivate your body can melt away 8 to 16 pounds of stubborn body fat in just two weeks the science behind my system is reason enough to be unfamiliar to the general public but powerful enough to be gaining rapid traction among doctors and nutritionists to life if you pay attention to the nutritional studies coming from high caliber institutions like Harvard you’ll know that the science behind my system is rock solid extremely effective and 100% safe – my name’s brian flatt and these little known secrets I’m talking about have taken me nearly a decade to discover mainstream fitness experts tell us time and again using 1 to 2 pounds per week is the safest way to lose weight I’m sorry to say this but they don’t have the whole picture I’ve been like you’ve been like and people across the entire planet isn’t like you first it’s important to know that this system doesn’t deal with the same old eat less and exercise more type of weight loss that moves along at a snail’s pace it doesn’t involve dangerous pills or questionable supplements and no you definitely don’t have to do endless jumping jacks or push-ups either maybe you found yourself jumping up and down in your living room and thinking to yourself this is silly there must be a better way your instincts are right there is a better way I’m talking about staggering transformations in just 2 weeks or less you can lose up to 16 pounds of pure body fat trimmed 2 to 4 inches off your waistline go down to the fleet breast sizes develop a flatter stomach boost your metabolism skyrocket your energy levels remove inches of fat from your hips by Stelly and butt and finally take complete control of your body weight for the rest of your now I understand if it sounds to rush thousands of people across the globe doubted and tell they saw lasting results percent my techniques gave them prove they couldn’t ignore they only had to look down at their bladder sexier stuff if you give me another minute to explain I’ll screw these plans with hard proven facts I’m a certified personal trainer best-selling author weight loss consultant certified sports nutritionist speaker and creator of the two-week gun a science-based system that has helped thousands of people worldwide lose weight faster than they ever imagined possible now I’m going to share a ton of and knowledgeable weight-loss information with with this knowledge you can transform your body and your life let’s start your transformation right now if you watch this video to completion I’ll demonstrate the AI system is authentic reliable and worthwhile the people who listen carefully will be the ones who experience these extraordinary results as unbelievable as it may seem the information here is 100% accurate and scientifically proven okay so are you ready good let’s get started the first thing you need to know is the extra weight you’re carrying around is not your fault the truth is there are many reasons you might have struggled lose weight in the past and you probably fall into one or more of these categories one you’re getting bad information about weight loss and weight gain – you’re suffering from the cellular inflammation 3 this counting calories or focusing on the eat less exercise more money so that the medical community has been brainwashing this with for definite for you’re not seeing real results for your effort jump from one diet for the next hoping something will eventually work plan is easy-to-follow personalized and from an up-to-date expert who understands the mechanisms behind standard windows now let’s break these creases down you’re getting bad information no promises in the diet every day you say you faster and better diet and even though many people try to make an honest change America still struggles with an OPC the diet industry spends millions upon millions of dollars every year try to convince us they have the solution to our weight issues the problem is that hundreds of CEOs don’t actually want you to lose weight people who lose weight rapidly don’t keep coming back to buy more of their products if their systems worked as effectively as possible it would surely put a dent in their multibillion-dollar profits now I’ve been in the fitness industry since 1999 in that time I’ve read just about every diet book weight-loss guide clinical trial and medical study that has to do with weight loss and I’m here to tell you that there is an absolute ton of bad information floating around out there one obesity doctor named all when Lewis proposed the five bite diet where dieters only take five bites at lunch and dinner of any food they want this is a medically trained professional suggesting that eating five bites of ice cream and five bites of brownies a day is an ideal way to ensure weight loss you don’t need a degree to know this is not healthy or effective that’s just someone using their credentials to make money and book an appearance on the dr. Oz Show I’m proud to say I use my expertise to help others not to get rich and famous if you’ve been suckered into following bad advice it’s not your fault more importantly you can fix it today number two you’re suffering from cellular inflammation cellular inflammation is not only the culprit of weight gain it’s also responsible for increasing the onset of disease and shorter lifespans most it’s ignore the problem of cellular inflammation by controlling this issue you can effectively increase your ability to lose weight burn fat increase metabolism and keep body fat from coming back plus it can help you to live a healthier and longer life here’s the thing about inflammation about two-thirds of the body’s defenses are in your gastrointestinal or GI tract now when you eat the wrong foods including bad foods that are passed off as being healthy they eventually wreak havoc on your defenses when your defences break down inflammation gets the upper hand once inflammation takes over your body stores more fat and can’t burn fat as fast as it should this information comes from frontline medical research by honest doctors like dr. Alessio Fasano at Harvard University now if you’ve had trouble losing weight in the past it’s very likely that you’re suffering from chronic cellular inflammation you’re probably not even aware of it my 2 week diet system helps you take control of that inflammation and the effect on your body is noticeable almost instantly number 3 you’re counting calories are focusing on eating less and exercising more conventional wisdom tells us to believe that weight loss is simply a matter of eating less and exercising more unfortunately they’ve already convinced most of us this is the best strategy but this is poor science or at the very least not the best science and more and more doctors are becoming aware of this the eat less exercise more approach is an oversimplified answer to a very complex question and it fails to take into account your body’s hormones which have a major impact on your weight it’s a fact your body does not treat all calories the same certain calories make us fat and other calories prevent us from burning fat but there are a few really good calories that actually force your body to burn fat so the key to weight loss is not counting calories this is evident by the obesity problem we have here in the u.s. weight loss has much more to do with eliminating the bad calories while increasing the good calories using a strategic system that’s easy to follow number four you’re not seeing results for all of the efforts you’re putting forth a woman struggling with weight loss came to me recently she had tried three different diet and exercise programs without success she was visibly upset concerned she would never get healthy and ready to throw in the towel no one can blame her for that and if you feel the same way no one can blame you most diets fail because there simply aren’t enough rewards to match all the sacrifices you’re forced to make and this is a key component of the two-week diet my system is the only diet I know that focuses solely on producing extremely rapid results from my experience I found that ultra successful diets include significant rewards to go along with the efforts you put in you see when you wake up in the morning to find yourself a full pound lighter than you were just 24 hours ago it provides you with some serious motivation this is one of the reasons the 2-week diet has been so successful for so many people and believe me when you see yourself drop one pound of body fat in one day you will stay motivated through the rest of the two weeks simply by imagining how great you’d feel thirteen days and 13 lost pounds later number 5 you don’t have an easy-to-follow personalized plan of action for weight loss this is a big one that plagued many of my clients until they finally came to me for help there is so much contradictory and misguided information out there it’s no wonder why so many people struggle with their weight if you ask 10 different fitness experts what the best way to lose weight is you’re bound to get 10 completely different answers cut out sugar cut out meat cut out dairy cut out carbs cut out everything except lemonade with maple syrup and cayenne pepper where does it end who’s right who’s wrong you see the best secrets to rapid weight loss are out there but most of the information is fragmented and incomplete that’s why I set out to put together a diet system that doesn’t leave you guessing if you’re struggling to lose weight what you really need is to be taken by the hand and shown exactly what to do every day you’re on that diet and that’s exactly what you get in the two week diet system there is a question I receive often and I need to address it now people ask me isn’t it dangerous to lose this much weight this fast to answer let me introduce you to dr. Michael Danzinger the medical doctor and weight loss consultant to NBC’s hit TV show The Biggest Loser here’s what he said about losing weight fast in theory one could drop as much as 20 pounds in a week the truth is that nothing is wrong with losing weight rapidly as long as you do it the right way once I heard that my jaw dropped it sounded too good to be true so I did lots of research I found that the majority of the safety data regarding weight loss concerns the methods of losing weight not the speed that’s key there are a few studies resulting in warnings about the speed of weight loss because it doesn’t have to be unsafe to lose weight fast consider this according to the Center for Disease Control if you are overweight which is defined as having a BMI of 25 or higher you are way more susceptible to developing coronary heart disease type 2 diabetes endometrial cancer breast cancer colon cancer hypertension dyslipidemia stroke liver disease gallbladder disease sleep apnea respiratory problems osteoarthritis and gynecological problems considering all the dreadful diseases and complications that come with being overweight doesn’t it make sense that you should get rid of extra weight as quickly as possible now you might be wondering what makes the 2-week diet so special and different from all the other diet plans out there well first off most if not all of the other diet plans out there focus on the slow and steady approach their problem is focusing only on attacking stubborn body fat let me explain when we eat the fat we consume is broken down into fatty acids these fatty acids are very small and can travel through cell walls to be used as energy but when those fatty it’s aren’t used the remainders are stored away in our fat cells that’s where the problem begins when fatty acids return to the fat cells to be stored they combine into trios by a glycerol molecule to create a triglyceride triglycerides are very big and because of their size they become trapped and can’t be used by the body for energy as a result the triglycerides become stubborn body fat but here’s the thing those triglycerides can be targeted and broken down again into those fatty acids that can be burned by the body for energy weight-loss programs that require reducing fat intake and call for very strenuous exercise routines can cause weight loss the main problem is the weight comes off very very slowly it’s exhausting time consuming and depriving the two week diet is unique because one it stops your body from forming new triglycerides and two it directly targets stubborn fat to be burned for your daily energy needs the bottom line is that in 14 days the 2-week diet gets done what other diets take 2 or 3 months to accomplish now I probably don’t need to tell you that the key to weight loss is maximizing the number of hours your body is burning fat with the 2 week diet you won’t be burning fat for only 1 or 2 hours each day instead you’ll turn your body into a fat burning furnace 24 hours a day 7 days a week for that 2-week period the 2 week diet system helps you burn 16 pounds in just 14 incredible days it provides you with only essential nutrients eliminating other nutrients that slow down or stop you from burning fat on top of that it directs your natural hormones to burn fat now the 2 week diet isn’t one of those 300 page novels that bores you with statistics studies and journal excerpts if you’re like most people I know you just want a straightforward step-by-step plan of action that doesn’t require special abilities extraordinary willpower or other superpowers to be successful in building your dream body the 2 week diet system is broken down into four set handbooks and each one has a quick reference for everything you need for lightning-fast body transforming weight loss here’s a quick summary of each handbook the launch handbook condenses the most essential information and sends you off informed and motivated I explain in simple terms how we get fat and exactly how to lose weight fast the launch handbook also reveals the insider secrets that guarantee your wild success over the next 14 days this includes what types of foods and nutrients you need and more there’s a wealth of insider knowledge in this guide the diet handbook is where we get down to business you’ll see how to calculate your lean body mass and your current body fat percentages then you can customize the two-week diet specifically for your body type you get a breakdown of what to eat how much to eat and when to eat plus you also get my top secret weapon for maintaining your ideal weight for a lifetime this ensures lasting results and prevents backsliding finally while the diet handbook alone provides you with a simple blueprint for losing all the weight you want adding a quality workout program can boost your results but listen carefully the workout program is optional of course exercise is always beneficial but the 2 week diet system harnesses your body’s chemistry so effectively that it works by itself for this option I’ve created the activity handbook it provides a straightforward guide to forcing your body to release stubborn stored body fat so it can break down into fatty acids and burn as fuel and don’t worry if you hate exercise or simply don’t have the time for it these quick and easy routines will be over before you know it that’s because short intense full body exercises pack a fat burning punch that are far better than long drawn-out exercises the 2 week diet workouts are only about 15 minutes and can be done anywhere that makes it hard to find an excuse not to workout plus included in the activity handbook is my ultimate ABS exercise that is everything you’ll ever need to flatten your stomach and build a set of sexy six-pack ABS many customers have even said that this exercise alone is worth the entire price of the two week diet system finally there’s the motivation handbook where you get a treasure trove of tips tricks tools and secrets for losing weight keeping it off staying motivated reaching your weight loss goals now and maintaining your new body for life the proper mindset is key to your success and you can turn to the many resources in the motivation handbook whenever you need inspiration given everything that’s inside the 2 week diet system it should be obvious that there’s nothing like this out there not only does it work really really fast but it’s also the easiest way to drop up to 16 pounds and get ready for a wedding high school reunion or beach vacation but it’s not just about the upcoming family gathering this is about your life and the fatal illnesses you can prevent once you shed the fat no more sitting around fearing that you’ll never get the body you want or worrying about how much your weight is affecting your health no more jumping on the bandwagon with fad diets or hyped up shakes and diet pills of course there are other programs out there but those programs either aim for only one to two pounds per week on a strict diet or they make hollow promises to keep you shelling out more money by now we all know how much time will power and money those programs require or you could ignore your health and have your doctor prescribe more and more medications for your cholesterol your blood pressure your thyroid or your circulation do that and you suddenly become a walking tub of chemicals plus each medication comes with a laundry list of side effects so you’ll soon find yourself in a vicious cycle of adding medication after medication I’m not being dramatic the ASCP estimates that the average 80 year-old takes about 18 prescription medications per year and you can be sure they didn’t start out with 18 medications they just kept snowballing look the truth is you only have two options you can click away from this page and look for something else that may are made

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